Biblioteca Pública del Estado de Jalisco. 5to Piso “Juan José Arreola”.
Periférico Norte Manuel Gómez Morín # 1695 Belenes
The Franklin Corner Guadalajara was inaugurated in 2018,
and is located at the Public Library of the State of Jalisco “Juan José Arreola”.
It is a space in which the local community can enjoy cultural, educational,
and entertainment activities that promote the strong bond between the U.S. and Mexico.
The Franklin Corner provides information about the U.S., offers English language courses,
promotes different cultural programs, and organizes activities with alumni. Its programs and
activities focus on science, technology, entrepreneurship, economic opportunities, and education;
it has a bibliographic and multimedia collection made up of books, magazines, films, documentaries,
and electronic resources. Additionally, it hosts an EducationUSA advising center to guide students
interested in studying in the U.S. through free talks and information sessions.