American Spaces

American Spaces exemplify the U.S. commitment to a core tenet of democracy: the citizen’s right to free access to information. American Spaces support the foundation of public diplomacy by creating a place for in-person engagement with foreign audiences.

With over 650 Spaces in 152 countries worldwide, American Spaces provide welcoming environments where visitors can connect and learn about the United States. Hosted in embassies, schools, libraries, and other partner institutions worldwide, American Spaces are platforms for providing information through five core program types:

  • English language learning
  • Educational advising
  • Alumni activities
  • Cultural programming
  • Information about the United States

A multifunctional platform for public diplomacy programs, American Spaces promote open dialogue, counteract negative preconceptions, and build bridges of understanding. Often located outside of capital cities, they serve as venues where embassy officers and employees have the opportunity to meet with local residents who have limited exposure to American culture and ideals.