Durango: Consul General Timothy Zúñiga-Brown, launches “English Access Micro-scholarship Program”

Consul General Timothy Zúñiga-Brown with group of students during the launch of the "English Access Micro-Scholarship Program"

Durango, Durango February 25, 2016

During his visit to Durango, Consul General Timothy Zuniga-Brown, participated in the official ceremony to present certificates to students of the English Access Micro-scholarship Program (http://exchanges.state.gov/non-us/EnglishAccess) which is sponsored by the consulate in coordination with the Universidad Juarez in the State of Durango. A total of twenty-five program participants, their parents, teachers, and administrators were invited to the event to recognize the beneficiaries and commemorate the launch of the program, which lasts two years.

English Access Micro-scholarship Program is one way that the consulate supports and encourages the learning of American English in Mexico.

For more information and resources on English learning please visit: http://americanenglish.state.gov/