Deputy Assistant Secretary Creamer Visits Mexico, Underscores Vitality of Relationship

Mexico City, August 4, 2016 – John Creamer, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Mexico and Western Hemisphere Regional Economic Policy and Summit Issues, visited Mexico August 2-4 to underscore the importance of the bilateral relationship and promote a broad range of areas of cooperation. Creamer met with high-level government officials, representatives from the private sector, academia, legislative, press, and civil society organizations to discuss bilateral cooperation in human rights, security, and economic development.

Appointed to his position in March, this is Creamer’s first trip to Mexico since assuming this role. During the trip, Creamer met with government officials from the Foreign Ministry, the Secretariat of Energy, the Attorney General’s Office, and the National Migration Institute. Creamer also participated in a roundtable with the business sector.

“Mexico is one of our most important bilateral relationships. Mexico is our neighbor, our friend, our partner, and our family,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary Creamer. “I was very pleased to meet with government officials, civil society leaders, activists and the business sector to continue advancing many issues of paramount importance for both of us, including economic opportunity, security, immigration, human rights, and the fight against corruption. We have much to share and the right mechanisms for sharing it.”