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COVID-19 Information – Tamaulipas
March 24, 2020

Last updated: [06/16/21]


The government has determined that the state is yellow on the federal stoplight system. Tamaulipas recommends that individuals comply with the strict health security measures for the gradual re-opening of all non-essential activities.

In addition, in accordance with the U.S.-Mexico Joint Initiative to Combat the COVID-19 Pandemic, authorities may deny U.S. citizens entry to Mexico if they do not demonstrate residence in Mexico or cannot prove they have an essential reason for travel.

In major cities in Tamaulipas, certain vehicles are prohibited from being driven one day per week, depending on the last digit of the license plate, under the Hoy No Circula program. This measure applies to national and foreign vehicles.

Non-essential businesses and activities have restricted opening days and hours, are subject to frequent compliance inspections, and are limiting the number of people who can enter. Pharmacies, laboratories, medical clinics, and businesses selling gas and water are allowed to remain open without restrictions. State officials are strongly encouraging the use of face masks and some municipalities are requiring their use in public places. Officials may issue fines and/or arrest and detain individuals found to be in violation of regulations.

Northbound travelers returning to the United States may generally transit the cities of Nuevo Laredo, Matamoros, and Reynosa en route to the border, though they may also be subject to health screening. Some international bridge hours have changed.

Travelers should check directly with Customs and Border Protection (https://bwt.cbp.gov/) for the most updated information. National and international bus travel continues, but with greatly reduced schedules.