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COVID-19 Information – Puebla
March 24, 2020

Last updated: [06/16/21]


The government has determined that the state is in green on the federal stoplight system. The Puebla government announced the expansion of the “COVID-19 Hospitals” plan.  Each hospital will be equipped to serve only people infected with coronavirus and will be located in the municipalities of Xicotepec, Tecamachalco, Huejotzingo, Acatlán de Osorio, Zacapoaxtla, and in the city of Puebla.  Phase 2 measures will be maintained in Phase 3, including the closure of commercial establishments with non-essential activities; the obligatory use of face masks for people who must leave their homes; the prohibition on the sale of open alcoholic beverages; and the withdrawal of street vendors and open-air markets to avoid crowds.  All those who work for essential businesses must wear face masks, gloves if they touch money, wash their hands frequently, and keep a healthy distance from others.  Officials may issue fines to individuals found to be in violation of stay-at-home orders. Students will not be returning to school until Puebla is designated as green on the federal stoplight system.