Consulate Employees Donate Blood in Ciudad Juarez

Consulate Employees Donate Blood

November 9, 2015 – On November 9, the staff of the U.S. Consulate General in Ciudad Juarez joined the Regional Blood Bank of Ciudad Juarez, the Hospital Star Medica, and the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer and Leukemia (APANICAL) to conduct a blood donation event.

The event was attended by the Star Medica Director Dr. Alfredo Riosvelasco, the Director of the Regional Blood Bank of Ciudad Juarez Dr. René Amatón, and Melanie Fernanda Armendáriz and her mother Gabriela Anahí González representing the children of APANICAL.

“We believe this is a good community initiative.  Donating blood is considered an important civic duty in the United States and we are honored to have the opportunity to continue this tradition here,” said the Consul General Daria L. Darnell, who also donated blood along with Consulate colleagues.

She added: “No matter where we come from, Ciudad Juarez is now our home. We work here and live here, and when we donate blood, we are giving a gift of life that can help a child with cancer, such as our friends from APANICAL, but also a colleague, a neighbor, or a friend in this city. ”

Consulate employees donated more than 60 units of blood to the Regional Blood Bank; a percentage of these units will be allocated to children with cancer and leukemia. The Consulate hopes to make this voluntary blood donation drive an annual event.

We appreciate the support of the Regional Blood Bank of Ciudad Juarez and Star Medica for being our partners and providing us with technical assistance and medical expertise to make this a successful event.