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Call for The Ambassador's Fund for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage 2023

November 16, 2022


The U.S. Mission in Mexico and the Department of State’s, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) are pleased to announce the call for proposals for the 2023 Ambassador’s Fund for Cultural Preservation (AFCP).

The fund was created in order to support other countries to preserve their cultural heritage and demonstrate the respect that the United States has for other cultures, their prosperity and stability around the world. Through the AFCP Program, the Department of State supports projects between $10,000 and $500,000 dollars to preserve the cultural heritage of Mexico in the following three areas:

CULTURAL SITES: Conservation of ancient or historic buildings, preservation of archaeological sites, or documentation of cultural sites in a region for preservation purposes.

CULTURAL PROPERTY AND COLLECTIONS: conservation treatment of a property or collection of property of a museum, site or similar institution that includes, among others, archaeological and ethnographic objects, paintings, sculptures, manuscripts and general conservation needs of the museum; needs assessment of a collection regarding its condition and strategies to improve its state of conservation; inventory of a collection for conservation and protection purposes; creation of secure environments for the storage or display of collections; or specialized training for the care and preservation of collections.

FORMS OF CULTURAL AND TRADITIONAL EXPRESSIONS: Documentation and audiovisual recording of traditional music, indigenous languages ​​and dance forms for their wide dissemination as a means of teaching and subsequent conservation, or support for training in the preservation of traditional arts or crafts in danger of extinction .

Please consult the requirements:

Once you submit your proposal, the US Embassy and Consulates in Mexico will contact those responsible for the shortlisted projects to request additional information.