Economic Data & Reports

Mexican Government Resources

  • Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics and Geography collects reports on dozens of economic indicators that cover both the economy as a whole, as well as specific sectors.  Follow the link to calendar which will link to current reports and show the dates of release for future editions.  Most reports can be downloaded in Excel or .pdf format
  • Bank of Mexico’s statistics page contains links to a wide variety of pages on Mexico’s monetary policy, financial system, and related reports.  An English version is available.
  • The Ministry of Economy’s business community page on Foreign Direct Investment offers a number of ways to sort information related to inward investment into Mexico.  Explore the links lower on the page to view investment by country of origin, destination state or municipality, by sector, or over time.
  • A Public Finance Database is available on Hacienda’s website.  Database results can be viewed as percentages of GDP or in pesos.

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