Ambassador Wayne attended ConnectMEX Conference

On May 29 Ambassador Wayne attended ConnectMEX, a U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) conference in which Mexico’s Communication and Transport Ministry also participated. The conference was designed to gather U.S. companies and key sponsors working on projects in Mexico, in order to explore new project opportunities in the telecommunications and transport sectors in Mexico.

Ambassador Wayne highlighted that the U.S. and Mexico are working together to improve logistics networks, jointly promote investment and  improve our shared border – all of these priorities require investment and infrastructure development, a crucial element to increase commerce, travel and regional competitiveness. He also emphasized that American companies have a role to play as they are leaders in technology and services with a proven track record of experience and innovation, building first class telecommunications and transport networks around the globe.

The event was attended by high-level U.S. Government officials, including USTDA Director Leocadia Zak and Ex-Im Bank board member Sean Mulvaney. Other participants included Mexico’s Undersecretary of Transportation Carlos Aldama, the Commissioner of the Federal Institute of Telecommunications Fernando Borjón, and the President of the Mexican Railway Association, José Guillermo Zozaya. During the session, USTDA and the Mexican Railway Association signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to award a technical assistance grant that will simplify efforts to modernize the freight rail car fleet.