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Ambassador Salazar Stresses Deep U.S.-Mexico Ties in Fireside Chat
October 2, 2021

Today Ken Salazar, U.S. Ambassador to Mexico, participated in an exclusive fireside chat during the prestigious annual L’Attitude conference in San Diego, CA. He spoke about his new role, the challenges the United States faces, and how he sees the future of the U.S.-Mexico relationship. Ambassador Salazar drew on his personal family history and his deep understanding of new geopolitical realities to stress that the U.S. and Mexico were “two nations with one future.” He said that the 45 million people of Mexican heritage in the United States combined with the 126 million Mexicans south of the border “creates strong ties between the United States and Mexico.”

He highlighted tourism and resilient supply chains as key elements of “the integration of the two economies,” noting that Mexico and the U.S. “are and should be each other’s largest trading partners.”

Ambassador Salazar also underscored the importance of security cooperation to both countries. “Our peoples deserve to be free of fear,” he said.

Ambassador Salazar was selected to speak at the high-profile event because of his long career of public service in Colorado and Washington, D.C. After President Biden nominated Salazar to be Ambassador to Mexico in May, he was confirmed by the Senate in August and arrived in Mexico City in September.

Ambassador Salazar was one of a group of leaders — including CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs, and entertainers — selected to share their insights on leadership, ethics, teamwork, and success.