AMB Remarks at 2nd SelectUSA Promotional Press Conference

Good afternoon.  I’m here today to remind everyone about the upcoming SelectUSA Investment Summit which will be held in Washington, DC on March 23-24, 2015.  This Summit is the single-largest event for potential investors, to highlight the United States as an investment destination.

Our first summit, which was hosted by President Obama in October of 2013, brought together more than 1300 people from 60 countries and nearly every U.S. state.  President Obama will again be hosting this next summit which will be almost double the size, with enhanced opportunities for matchmaking, learning, and finding the information needed to move investments forward.

So why does the SelectUSA Summit matter and what can it offer your readers? This summit will bring together preeminent business leaders, investors, state and local representatives, and high-level government officials to explore investment opportunities and discuss resources available to assist Mexican investors. Through our online matchmaking program, businesses will be able to connect with other businesses, economic developers and government officials who can provide Mexican businesses with the tools and information to make a smart investment in the United States.  During the summit investors will hear from high-profile CEO’s and U.S. government leaders.  There will be break-out sessions with practical information about issues, trends and resources available in addition to a trade show that will feature the business connections investors need at the U.S. state, regional, and local economic development organizations.  Participatns in the Summit will also have access to the U.S. government investment resource center that offers opportunities for investors to speak directly with relevant officials.

We welcome investors of all sizes, including established multinationals and small or medium-sized enterprises.  This year, we’re hosting an additional SelectUSA Academy the day before the summit for first-time investors in the United States.  There will also be sessions for investors interested in learning more about infrastructure investment and the Administration’s Build America Investment Initiative.

Whether you’re a small, medium or large Mexican firm, investment into the United States is the best way for you to sell into the U.S. market of over 317 million people.  You also gain access to nearly 425 million more global customers via the U.S.’s free trade agreements.

The U.S. and Mexico have a mutually beneficial trade and investment relationship; bi-lateral trade is over half a trillion dollars trade every year. U.S. companies have over $101 billion of direct investment into Mexico and Mexican companies have invested almost $33 billion into the United States, making it the 15th most important source of foreign direct investment.

The United States has robust supply chains and the mature infrastructure spanning our vast country is ready for new investment for further expansion and modernization.  We also have a skilled work force that is among the most productive, innovative, and mobile in the world.

The U.S. market presents an unparalleled opportunity for investors, from reaching our affluent domestic market, to protections by our transparent legal system, to working with the most innovative companies in the world.

And for those who came to the summit in 2013, I strongly encourage you to come again in March.  The deadline for registration is very soon, February 15, so please don’t wait to secure your place in this important event.

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about this Summit or other investment opportunities in the United States, my Commercial Service staff that is here today—Rebecca Torres, Commercial Attaché, or Martha Sanchez, Commercial Specialist—can help you.