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Art in Embassies Mexico
The Dreamers
December 9, 2022

Susana Sierra

Sierra Sierra was a Mexican feminist artist disciple of Swiss-born figurative artist Roger von Gunten in the early 1960s.  After studying art history in Italy and France, and then philosophy and pre-Hispanic art, she graduated in 1976 from La Esmeralda in Mexico City.  She specialized in action painting and romantic abstraction.  Sierra mixed oils and acrylics in primary and pastel color tones, incorporating several faint lines and drips onto the canvas, bringing a mastery of color and space and unrestrained energy to her paintings.  Sierra visualized her art as a bridge between her subconscious and reality.

Filamentos XXXV, 2009

Mixture on Canvas, 120 X 300 cm. Courtesy of Isaac Masri