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Art in Embassies Mexico
The Dreamers
December 9, 2022

David Alfaro Siqueiros

David Alfaro Siqueiros was an outspoken Mexican painter and political activist during the first three-quarters of the twentieth century.  He focused on important issues in society and took up a written, visual, and verbal “call to arms” for art to be created for and about the indigenous people of Mexico.  For Siqueiros, art and politics blended seamlessly together.  His murals, big and bold, were often infused with causes that supported his leftist politics.  In the 1930s, Siqueiros traveled to the United States and worked in Los Angeles.  His murals there told the story of the United States’ strong relationship with Latin America.

Mujer dormida (La primavera), 1947

Pyroxylin on masonite, 61 × 117 11/16in. Courtesy of Fomento Económico Mexicano (FEMSA)