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Art in Embassies Mexico
Family and Dignity
January 25, 2023

Carmen Lomas Garza

Carmen Lomas Garza was born in Kingsville, Texas.  At the age of thirteen, she made a commitment to pursue a career in art and taught herself elements of drawing.  The 1960 Chicano Movement inspired her dedication to depict special and everyday events in the lives of Mexican Americans.  Her works reflect childhood memories of family and friends in a wide range of activities from making tamales to dancing to Tejano music.  Through her art, Garza sought to instill pride among Mexican Americans, both adults and children, and serve as an educational source for others not familiar with the culture.

Cumpleaños de Lala y Tudi

Color lithograph, 30 × 39in. Courtesy of Dr. Gilberto Cárdenas Austin, Texas

Camas para Sueños, 1993

Courtesy of Dr. Gilberto Cárdenas Austin, Texas