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Art in Embassies Mexico
Family and Dignity
January 25, 2023

Alfredo Ramos Martínez

Alfredo Ramos Martínez spent his formative years immersed in the artistic life of Paris, returning to Mexico in 1910 on the eve of the country’s Mexican Civil War. After becoming director of the National School of Fine Arts in Mexico City, he established the nation’s first open air schools and encouraged his pupils to create work that captured observations of daily life. In 1929, Ramos Martínez and his family relocated to Los Angeles. His canvases depict indigenous traditions, local crafts, and religious icons.

Casamiento Indio, 1931

Oil on Masonite, 28 3/4 × 32 5/16in. Courtesy of Fomento Económico Mexicano (FEMSA)