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Agricultural Trade Office (ATO)
July 28, 2018

The Agricultural Trade Office (ATO) in Monterrey is the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS) office for the border region and northern Mexico.  The ATO provides assistance to new-to-market and experienced U.S. exporters of agricultural and food products in the Mexican market.

USDA logoThe ATO also provides information, business facilitation tools, and promotion activities so that Mexican importers or processors and U.S. exporters can successfully engage as partners in retail/supermarkets, foodservice, and food or agricultural industries.

Since 2002 the ATO has operated in Monterrey making it well situated to handle all border agricultural trade issues, to be a “first responder” for border trade disruptions, and to report changes in regulations applied to U.S. products exported to Mexico.

The ATO works with private industry and government officials in both countries, serves as a center for U.S. export sales promotions, and as a point of contact for Mexican importers seeking to buy food and agricultural products from the United States.

For more information about services and activities of ATO Monterrey:

ATO Monterrey
Ave. Alfonso Reyes No. 150
Col. Valle Poniente
Santa Catarina, Nuevo León
Mexico 66196
(these emails are ONLY for matters related to ATO)
Email: ato.monterrey@fas.usda.gov
Web page: https://mexico-usda.com.mx/